Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thing 23 - Evaluate 23 Mobile Things

Just finished all 23 Mobile Things!  Yea!! I'm really glad I took on this challenge as it made me much more comfortable downloading apps and using an iPAD.  But, it took alot of time.  Since I don't own my own mobile device, I used the library's iPAD.  A co-worker, who was also using her library's iPAD, and I sat side by side for many things so we could compare apps.  After doing all these things, I am considering buying my own mini iPAD. 

Thing 22- Discovering Apps

Downloaded Quixey for Apple.  Downloaded and played around with these apps on the iPad:  accuweather, google earth, TED, Netflix.  Fun times.

Then searched recipes.  Downloaded Yum- Yummly Recipes & Grocery Shopping List- featured on the Today Show.  Found some great recipes. 

Serached Play.  Downloaded Fandango.  Looked at some Movies- Times & Tickets. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thing 21 - Free-For-All

I chose to download the Groupon app.  I like to look for good deals/coupons for restaurants, vacations, shutterfly books, and more.  I've gotten some really good specials!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thing 20 - Games

Played Bubble Mania which was very easy.  Word Collapse is fun.  Temple run is a little intense.  Again, it would be nice to have more free time to play all these games!

Thing 19 - Hobbies

Tried MyGarden.  It didn't have as much info on it as I had hoped. ( I can find out more Garden info on Google.)

Spotify was easy and fun.  I could spend hours on it downloading music and making my own Playlist.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thing 18 - Education

With a co-worker downloaded Eat This Not That & played a fast food face off game on our library iPad.  Downloaded Khan Academy and looked at a video about Hitler.  Am wondering what sources were used for their information?  Downloaded TED and listened to one of the talks.  Very informative. One could spend hours on an iPad with just this Thing alone.

Thing 17 - Connecting to Community

Downloaded St. Cloud State University app as I attended a couple years of college there.  Looked at the map, the pictures, and took some virtual tours.  Honestly, if I was a student interested in checking out colleges, I would still go to the St. Cloud State University main home page as it has alot more information.

 Also downloaded the St. Paul Connect Apple app.  Played around with it.  It would be best used by people who live in the city of St. Paul.  For example, if they wanted to complain to City hall about potholes and garbage pick-up.